About Us
The Pony Ranch
"The Pony Ranch has been a developing rehabilitation centre for almost a decade, since accquiring larger grazing in the end of 2012 we were able to add things such as pony parties to help fund the costs.
In 2016 we moved again and increased our grazing and facilities even more so to really suit our needs As well as being a picturesque spot with a very peaceful atmosphere 

We are not just a rehabiltation for the ponies now but can help children with additional needs too. 
Slowly we became more known for coaching children in natural horsemanship, since 2014 we have been coaching children from Hertfordshire and surrounding counties. We hope to make a real impact on the future of ponies and children for the better.

And So the The Pony Ranch was born"
"Today, The Pony ranch has a selection of ponies which can be visited on appointments by children and adults alike.

"Book with us for your session of lots of fun learning and see a little more of the ponies.
We have an outdoor area for coffee mornings in the nicer weather and days for events such as, fairies on the ranch "
WE work really hard every day to look after the ponies and the property and rely on help from Trained Volunteers and Friends of the pony ranch with hands on and also financial contributions.
Josie Allen
Equine Behaviourst 
Natural Horsemanship coach
Party Leader
Grounds Keeper
Back bone
cheif groomers