Booking in your session

We are trying to keep up with the times of online booking please bare with us in our early stages of learning this new system 
On clicking our link to book please select the appropriate session suited to your little one. 

‘We have changed our system to make this easy for you to get a space and for us to make the most of our time efficiently.

Most of our classes are designed for the beginner but please be mindful on booking that your child is of the appropriate age for session time

🦄weekday day times are great for toddlers

🐴weekday afternoons are ideal for those that have school all day

🦄Saturdays are a good time for children over the age of 5 and perfect for an afternoon party
🐴Sundays are great from the approx age of 8 to join us for 3 hours at a time where they will meet new friends on their learning journey

occasionally a session can alter in structure due to the animals,children or the weather.